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Build to Rent Market today by James Richmond

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The best places to live in London

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If you’re looking for the best places to live in London then look no further. Wherever you’re from in the world, whatever your interests, and whatever your job; bankers, artists, hipsters, fashionistas, techies, writers, sales…

Here’s what Budget 2017 could mean for the UK housing market

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As with most Budgets, this Wednesday’s fiscal extravaganza has been heavily trailed by the government – so it should come as a surprise to few that one of the main focuses is expected to be…

How to fine-tune your CV: A guide NOT for Dummies

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Yes, there are plenty of ‘How to do a good CV’ guide’s out there on the Web. Some are great and most are sort of okay though repeat one another. But in general, they pretty…

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